Movies, Award Nights and Long-Ass Reviews

There’s been a LOT of popcorn munching and splurging on overpriced beverages at the movies lately! Especially after long sweaty, dirty trips, after Onam celebrations, after exams, we’ve literally been going there to brush too(the world isn’t ready for the stinky His and Her Highnesses). But we stumbled upon some pretty good movies… , cutesy animated ones, the Bollywood kind, Tom Hanks ones [Yea,he’s so awesome that he has a genre all to himself (Treas is a HUGE fan of the man!)]

See, I’ve always secretly had this dream of hosting the Oscars where I’d hand out shiny awards to actresses in slinky dresses, and meet Brad Pitt, and spontaneously come up with one-liners which would go viral as the next big thing and it would be sort of like when Max and Caroline hosted the People’s Choice Awards. [For the average reader who doesn’t watch sitcoms like a crazy person, Max and Caroline are the characters played by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs in the popular comedy series ‘2 Broke Girls’] (Who doesn’t watch 2 Broke Girls?? :O) Anyways, I’d of course be Max, the sarcastic, the one who makes you laugh your ass off  (I don’t get why my ass is the one that gets most of the cussing and lame jokes and all the getting-blown-up and stuff!)[Yea! Why is her ass always the butt of all jokes? (Pun intended! But you guys knew that anyway…xP)] and Ashik would be Caroline, not because he’s taller or anything[which I am] but coz she’s all dolled up all the time and  I kinda am in my sweats ALL day! [Hey! Why am I the blonde? -_- (no offence to blondes)] And I relate to her! So much that we’re like sisters… though she’s the one who the Boob Goddess blessed -_- [Bless her soul]


I get you girl….

Anyways, since that ain’t gonna happen, I’m going to have my very own award show… the umm… ‘I’ll Give Whoever, Whatever’ Award Night. Yea I’m allowed to do what I want to, pffffttt, it’s our blog. [Before we actually get the show going, I have to warn you… SPOILER ALERT! 😉 ]

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