The one with all the camping

Bucket lists, that pretty piece of paper filled to the brim with things we want to do, places we want to see, fears we want to conquer…most of them end up resembling a pinterest board full of pretty things and then there’s that ominous deadline of to do before I die which kinda really lessens the chances of us ever doing any of those things, what with most of us vying to be a better procrastinator than the other…BUTT if you have mad urges and a restless spirit and if your throw in some crazier than thou friends into the mix then CHEEEHOOO!!! You cupcake are gonna be ticking things off that list faster than your chubby hands can touch the base of that big tub of gooey caramelized popcorn!! And that is eggactly how we ended up going CAMPINNNGGGGGGG!!!(Hopefully your heads are still reverberating from the screechy echo that made). Continue reading


Angry wind Gods, Bloodsuckers, Murderers and other stories… – The Novella

It’s a book for people who want to go places, who want to meet people, who want to live and breathe a life of adventure, romance, tragedies , experiences, discoveries, anything and everything and more! From the true believers and practitioners of aforementioned bullshit, we present to you… ta ta da-daaaaaa!!! – The Novella

[All characters are bloody freaking real much to our happiness and often annoyance too. We do not apologise for anything as all of the narrated incidents related are absolutely true and untarnished.]


The post will contain extracts from the original Novella, which will soon be available at a bookstore near you… 🙂 (Not really… :P)



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How depression literally shoved us off the cliff of laziness and we started off on our Misadventures

It was a typical day, coated in chalk dust and a whole lot of irritability, I walked out of class, looking for a victim whom I could lash out on. That’s when Glob comes around and says,  “Let’s go, I’ll drop you home ”, which literally translates  into “Let’s go grab some REALLY sloppy greasy food and ooey gooey ice cream and figure stuff out and we can talk about it when you’re ready to talk about it”. We have this silent communication thing owing to our advanced telekinetic powers so I shrugged and agreed. [Tis’ true! Our telekinetic powers are uncanny]

Ha Ha! Also the day I got my very own copy of the Cursed Child! 

So there we were, on a hot and sweltering night, in desperate need of a break, the only thing going through our minds was running away and never coming back. Summerland. The land of eternal Sundays, where there was no drama, no more would there be a torturous education system and worrisome parents and siblings to compete with for attention, there would be no  more ‘each for his own’ attitude ,and we’d stop feeling like a deer caught in the headlights. Sitting across each other, the only sound that could be heard was tiny satisfied burps after a really late dinner of the world’s best “mystery chicken curry” [We still don’t know its name]. We took a vote as to what each one wanted to do that night, he wanted to go to the beach and I wanted to watch the sunrise and somehow it all nonsensically added up to Vagamon. [Coz our beaches only have sunset and we had to climb higher to see a good sunrise]

Two hours and several minutes later, we were on our way, me trying to stay awake and navigate (somehow I fail to keep up with Google maps, it’s either too much to stay focused on or I get confused with my lefts and rights) and Glob driving. It was soon clear that we were more lost than the first time Columbus went on that trip in search of the land of snake charmers and magic carpets. Everything looked scarier and sort of as if it were straight out of a horror movie, the normal serene moonlit night turned into something nightmares were made out of. But there wasn’t much scope for  being terrified what with me dozing off every few minutes. [Yea, you have to awake to be terrified -_-]

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