Expectations VS Reality


Blob. The violin playing rock princess, with mysterious telekinetic powers, caught between being an illustrator and writer. Holds patent to the ‘bring your stories to life’ machine. Currently, she lives on a cliff by the ocean and runs a shelter for homeless puppies.


Blob’s real name is Treasa. Born and raised in….well… I would love to add something to that space but I’ve never been one to settle down! I’m a restless gypsy spirit (tempted to insert pretentious stuff about me here… HEE HEE), often accused of having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Which I don’t! pfft…) been devouring books since the age of five, inventor of whimsical make-believe games and stories, huge fan of DIY projects which always tend to fail.

I’m complicated and weird and mostly misunderstood, love to organise things, raise hell when high on sugar and an expert in reverse psychology. I like having no plans, rainy days, fluffy pillows and absolutely love to go places and meet new people. These days I’m kinda stuck in a rut, barely existing in a bitch ass engineering college doing  the exact opposite of what I’ve been told to do ,waiting to unleash my hidden powers (the keyword here is “hidden” you guys aren’t  ready to take on the burden of knowing)  and blow minds up with my sheer awesomeness

Currently getting used to sleeping in the car after long road trips. \m/


Glob. Tall, hunky, a cross between Matt Damon and Rowan Atkinson. Holds the record for world’s most bizarre non-fattening person ever! Mammoth amounts of food disappear into his endless pit of a tummy and he doesn’t even flinch. All set to go on a food pilgrimage sponsored by his friends who can no longer afford to feed the monster. As of now, he’s testing Mach 6 air crafts for an ISRO-NASA joint venture. Known especially for his vanishing act which surpasses that of even the Great Houdini.


[Me Glob, known to the real world as Ashik, that’s Ashik with a ‘K’ not an Aashique with the extra ‘A’ and the ‘QUE’! I spend most of my time figuring out how to stop putting off on working on a cure for procrastination =P

Used to live in Dubai but relocated to Kerala, drawn by the power of the plethora of engineering colleges here. Struggling to balance my freelance designing job with boring homework and truckloads of assignments while devoting most of my time to going on unplanned getaway trips. I love to learn new things from learning to play the guitar to being a professional handler of power tools… Foodie at heart, love longs drives, crawling into bed after a long day, bonfires and starry nights. Feeding on the power of annoying my friends while spreading laughter and weirdness and super busy making memories. Prone to making impulsive decisions, trying not to get lost in the maddening crowd.

I dream of running a Shack by the beach in Australia while managing an Event Management Firm on the side, but meh, Engineering got in the way. Currently, I’m Blob’s Partner in Crime and when not looking for new roads and Eateries to stuff my face in, I drive and sleep in the aforementioned Car. Not together of course.]

Oh yea… and we’re totally NUTS! 😀


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